Waiting room recipes

I have some good friends who are medical assistants, as I worked for a laser eye surgeon for a while as his business manager and personal assistant.

These are some of the hardest working, kindest woman, I have ever met and I feel like a better person for knowing each one of them.

One thing that can drive the girls crazy at the front desk is ripped magazines, ( the sound of it even) poor cell phone etiquette, and a few more things..  those more interesting advertisements before they are ripped out or recycled,  and maybe vent a little some times..

Maybe that click and share of the phone – with the sound OFF – can create a little bit of team building, entertainment, and way for people who leave the office and move to other clinics to stay in touch with each other in a fun way.

Check it out and post your favorite recipes and waiting room magazine finds!
Remember it must be kind, it must be helpful and it must be rated G… pretty much.

This is just a fun outlet for staff of a business I used to work with, they vented and I no longer work with them but can provide a fun outlet to relieve stress, let them be creative and it won’t take away from work flow as they are already on Facebook at lunch anyway.

What can you do for your staff, what ideas do they have you could implement to build some team spirit or as a way to help them let off some steam in a high stress environment? If you need some creative ideas, I am happy to hold a staff meeting and team building session with you.

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