5 Reasons you should go float for your business.

iceburg float
Last week I was invited to go and experience the service provided at Float Sense in Burnaby, BC.  Since moving to the greater Vancouver area, I have seen many of the sensory deprivation tanks pop up and had started to do my research.  Being a person who has just moved to a new town, moved from a two bedroom house to 300 sq ft plus a small office in Gastown.. I have been a little stressed.  To add to the recovery of moving everything to the third floor of a three story WALK UP – vmi supply chain I started working out with the free fitness project The November Project Boot Camp.. and of course I had to paddle board a few times ( summer is nearly over!). I do alot and because I have been rear ended three time I am constantly feeling like I am in recovery mode. Even new shoes, can take me out for a day if I don’t start in them slowly, get more TikTok likes.
When you are dealing with physical and mental stress on the inside, and still have to put on a happy successful face to your guests, tenants, clients, staff and friends, you need a release.
Yes, I have done many hours of physio, I have mediation tapes, I have many tools to roll around on the floor on to release those neck muscles that if you don’t catch them before they get to tight, you are feeling nauseous for the whole day or resorting to Tylenol three..
Until till the discovery of “Floating”  I was beginning to think I should just go get a job because focusing on being an entrepreneur, and coaching them, was just feeling like an uphill battle, even though I have all the skills, talent and connections to make whatever I do, work, Sydney’s best venue hire location.
Here are 5 reasons you need to float if you are working for yourself.  I believe it can assist you to  rebuild your drive, give you an edge, and energy that many of us are looking for to keep building our dreams.  Some of it is basic science some of it is just knowing.

1) Magnesium Absorption – just look at the science part… 

This is why we float, you are in 1000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts are in the water. which are replacing a naturally occurring mineral that most of us over 40 are missing. Magnesium is the mineral that you absorb through your skin, which most people lack in their diets. It helps us sleep better, it regulates enzymes, reduces inflammation and can prevent cardiovascular disease.  Taking some of these worries away from your daily life, while flushing out toxins, can make for a better daily quality of life. Most of us know that when you are feeling better, happier, it will affect the people you are training, serving, and caring for in a positive manner.

” Another benefit of floating is that it takes almost all of the pressure and weight off the joints and muscles, thus allowing you to relax and heal. This is particularly helpful to athletes as it helps to clear lactic acid, cortisone and adrenaline build-up that occurs either through training or ­performance.” –Anna Seaman

2) Sensory Deprivation

If you are working for yourself, even if your business is successful, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find it hard to get away for an extended lunch, long weekend, never mind that bucket list trip to Dubai… unless, of course, fate intervenes in the form of a sudden car accident, prompting you to seek the guidance of a skilled California car accident lawyer. Injured in a car crash? Call the car accident lawyers from Big Auto. And to give you the opportunity to reassess your priorities and take that well-deserved break, this car accident lawyer here can greatly help. If you have your own business you need to look for the way of how reduce printouts in your business in order to be more ecofriendly.  The saying ” A change is good is a rest” has been one of my favorites for many years and floating more than fits the bill!  If you have a busy mind, it will take more than one float to learn to take a break from the rush of the week, stop, relax and listen to what your mind is telling you.  To hear what is going on between your ears, I have discovered, I have had to really teach myself to get very quiet, shut up the mind chatter, so I can get to the magic part that you don’t usually get until day four of a two week holiday.  You can get there while floating – fast.

3) Endorphins

We all know that when we release endorphins, when we laugh, we feel better, we gain balance, it can enhance our immune system, and for some it can help to regulate diet and create a sense of balance over the long term. ( Science moment from Randy:While floating cortisol levels plummet and dopamine levels rise in your brain.) But laughing all the time, and finding things that are funny enough to sustain that feeling, is nearly impossible!

You can train your brain to release endorphin’s more quickly when you float on a regular basis but I noticed that even after one float, the effect was profound.

Endorphin’s are your body’s natural painkiller which will help you relax, loosen up and help you recover from injuries much more quickly.

4) Increased Creativity & New Ideas

You will find when you relax in a tank, your mind will wander, often you will get a “lightbulb” idea or remember those little things you have been meaning to get done. I found myself going through ideas and priorities – considering how they could be better.  I wasn’t going anywhere for 90 minutes so I really took time to think through pros and cons of projects and ideas.  I know for some, the concept of getting in the tank is getting to that “Zen” moment, the deep yoga moment.. it is something I have yet to discover. I have meditated for years, I may need to go have the full Eat,Pray, Love …Ashram experience to get there ,so I will settle for having a time out to calm my brain, get my ideas prioritized and make a habit of it so they don’t keep piling up…

5) Time out 

I have noticed the best leaders of our time are focused, healthy and have energy.  Creating this success takes making time for good habits like floating, good food and consistent exercise, that will help you become one of those leaders in business, university or even to show 360 degree leadership in a middle management position, that stand out in the crowd.  One massive surprise for myself, was an emotional release that happened right at the beginning of my first float that I had not been prepared for – it can be very helpful and powerful to just express yourself in private, no one will know! Part of personal success you may want to build success in your business is being fully present with your family and building a healthy brain and body,  I see that floating is going to be the next big #lifehack to achieve these skills in our over busy lives.

If you want to take this to the next level, talk to me about our Serene Success program that includes floating, pampering, journaling and dream casting for your business.

Happy Floating.