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Anyssa Jane

Hands on Social Media Bootcamp

This course will assist you to update your professional skills  and profiles for social media and online community development training. We will review how you can control who sees your profiles and safety on different platforms.  This  workshop is hands on, please come with user names and passwords for your accounts as we will update and give them a polish or start from scratch if needed. You will leave with professional looking profiles, and know how to use them in a safe, productive manner.  You will walk away with tools to  assist you efficiently communicate online in social spaces, expand your influence and improve your outreach.  We will be showing you how to connect to similar communities/departments in your profession to, share/find skills, information, build communities and research opportunities

We will cover:

  • Facebook pages and profiles and how to keep your personal information safe
  • Twitter and how to make sure you have the latest news, use it in emergency situations and build your own following and community that you will find and offer value to.
  •  LinkedIn – what should be on it, how to use it as a value statement for your institution and your work. Learn how other institutions are using it for hiring, finding students, sharing research and developing their foundations through good communications with other professionals in the required field.
  • Hashtags – what they are and how they are an great tool to filter out all the data you don’t need.
  • Blogs – how they can be a benefit to you, your research, teaching and institution.
  • We will cover SEO, YouTube, and more, just click here for all the info.
  • Achieve better connection with online communities, increase your influence and ability to communicate to your target audience.
  • How to share discussions, images, audio and video on social networks
  • Learn to monitor social media by keywords in your community
  • Build a safe social network with colleges, staff and students.
About the instructor:
Anyssa has been on the social media since the beginning. From explaining why email was going to be the next big thing, teaching clients how to use it, building  some of the first websites we saw online in the Fraser Valley, to being the first group of university grads from UFV, who were comfortable using Facebook, Google and texting in 2009.
Connect with her at www.anyssajane.com