Twitter Basics for Business

Call for updates on material – this was published Nov 13, 2013

Transcript of “Twitter Basics for Business Surrey Board of Trade presentation Social Media Classes”

1. Twitter Basics for Business

2. Twitter is for everyone. “At its core, Twitter is a public forum where anyone can read, write and share messages.} -Twitter

3. Keeping it short! ● All message are 140-character or less at the moment. They can include text, full or shortened links to images, video, podcasts, email addresses etc. You can link you Twitter with your business website, but firts you need to understand the the purpose of SEO for your website.

4. (RT) retweet

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6. Tweet (noun) A message posted via Twitter containing 140 characters or less.

7. Tweet (verb) Tweet, tweeting, tweeted. The act of posting a message through a Tweet.

8. Mention ● Bring a Tweet to a user’s attention by including their @username in a Tweet. This is called a mention and will appear to the @username you mentioned as well as to all of your followers. You can see who mentioned you in the mention section of your Twitter profile.

9. Message (or DM) ● ● A direct message (DM) is a private message that only you and the recipient can see. To DM someone, start your Tweet with DM or D,

10. RT ( Retweet)

11. The Hashtag! ● Associated with Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus & Facebook Fast forward to October of 2007, when Nate Ridder, a resident of San Diego, California started appending all his posts with the hashtag #sandiegofire. It was intended to inform people worldwide about the ongoing wildfires in the area at the time. Downside of hashtags ● -you don’t own them ● there are no rules or guidelines. ● anyone else can grab it and exploit it.

12. Upside of the hashtag! ● follow an online Tweet Chat, ● create trends, ● facilitate an online conversation ● ● can be used to congregate a group of attendees at an event Bring together a community #surreybc

13. Top 5 Ways to Increase Followers (which can be done easily by using this great service). 1. Your biography should be complete, if you have brick and mortar, tell them were you are, list your website and what your best # Hashtag is.. 2. Put a link to your Twitter account wherever possible. A) email signature B) your website C) Facebook D) LinkedIn e)Others links and 3.Find ways to incorporate your community with Twitter through different Apps and marketing programs. Share your specials and good news and let your current followers tell two friends. 4. Pictures and Video get more attentions quite often. Look how you can promote your business through visual communications! It is more likely to be shared and followed. 5. Make sure people can retweet your content by leaving 10 to 15 blank characters at the end of your tweet.

14. Simple: Scheduling/Following

15. Promotions on Twitter

16. How to access Twitter ● ● ● ● On your smart phone -just download the app Instagram app on your phone will push to Facebook and twitter Foursquare will push your checkins to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. The option will be endless and connection as many as you want them to be. There is so much to listen to, remember hashtags will help you sort and listen!