Hands on Social Media for Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

Well it is nearly done! Since I wrote “Hands on Social Media – Your Hand-book to shorten your social media learning curve” THe first edition was in 2013! ALOT has happened.  Facebook and Twitter have gone head to head over Instagram images, Periscope has come and I think it is gone….

How we use social media has changed as well because Google and Facebook have added so many more options for brick and mortar retail stores to connect with customers who are walking in the door! Social media platforms like Tiktok also have apps to connect to people with tools like Social Boosting to increase the views and engagement of the companies. Amassing a dedicated community of TikTok followers requires a combination of engaging content, authenticity, and consistent interaction to foster a genuine connection with the audience.

If you use Google Map to find a store, you might find that your time calculated to get there and the store hours will leave you at a locked door! Google has decided you need to know this! I have not personally had this alert yet, but I love it is out there in the Googleverse. Just last week I was at a clients restaurant on Father’s day, drying glasses and polishing cutlery..

I had just stopped in for a minute but my dishpit training kicked in when I could see how busy it was and the dishwasher was piling up clean glasses up, the cutlery bin was empty… it was fun to help out. I did over hear a call from a customer to find out when the kitchen closed. How many times have you taken time to get to place and when you get there the tables are available, but the kitchen is closed.

I love Google has really gone miles to care about our time! Have you seen the new Amazon Dash…this makes you want to have their bar code on all your ship-able products!  I won’t go into how cool it is you just have to click! Facebook has now been testing Blue Tooth Beacon’s in the US at brick and mortar stores to push your ads to your customers who are in the store, have their blue tooth on and the app on! Learn about what is the primary school playground markings

I was very luck to be invited to do some guest posting this past weekend at YVR Confernces Internet Marketing Mastery and Ricky Shetty and his team put together a rock star line up of speakers in a jam packed program, operating 24/7.  The livestream was a great bonus for those that couldn’t stay for the full 3 day event but it got me jazzed about what we do at The Communication Studio to hear all the new things coming up in technology. Sometimes we also need to be reminded about things we already know.

In that spirit I have revise the 4th Edition of Hands on Social Media – 5th Edition is still a draft so if you would like a free copy it will be available this week only!

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