A Basic One Page Marketing Plan for a Small Business or Solopreneur.

So often people are just starting a small business or direct sales business without a plan, a “build it they will come” attitude which often can work well for launch but in the end, can be exhausting. You go to a ton of networking events pr hop over to this website, get a ton of cards, forget to follow up and do not really hit your “ target market” and wonder why you aren’t making the five thousand dollars a month you need to just survive in business. An that needs to be profit after all your expenses or go get a job and consider this your side hustle!  There is no shame in doing both until you really build a strong system and make it fly. Yes, there the “ Burn the boat theory – be all committed “ and for some if they have a safe home ( sell the furniture to get going but have a roof over your head!) and a backup plan, then great. Create the dream and be willing to achieve it but also know you might need to work a small part-time job to pay for marketing expense for example to get a lift on things. Building your dream take determination and it also takes some money and a clear head. If you are stressing over food, mortgage payment and school fees, take care of that first, and make sure you are secure so your business can fly!  The smaller your business, the more particular you need to be with your time spent on marketing and the money you spend on growing the influence of your business. Depending on you on your business, and how much live networking is accessible to you, will influence whether you need a lot of online marketing or if you are going to have be really skilled at making “ word of mouth” work for you. Developing a strong, long term, loyal customer base will give your business the long term income your need and a place to keep marketing to, so you can close sales easily. The key, no matter what, is to build a big customer list to draw from, online it will be an email list, but there are many practices that rely on an old fashion Rolodex style list that is best reached in person, over luncheons, and with the use of a business card such as phycologists, lawyers, and services that people are often looking for strong recommendation for.  Make sure you identify if you have this or both kinds of customers to follow up with.

Good market research and having a marketing plan, at least a one-pager, can really be vital to the speed of development of your business. For any business, a full in-depth plan will give you the best directions, forecast, features to monitor so you can gauge and move your success forward, but at least start with a one-page plan to get started and on track.  

  1. It can be put together quickly and revamped easily as you change or grow your business
  2. It gives you direction in your day, if you have a team it lets your break down your “ to-do” list and get support to get it done. 
  3. It assists you to decide where and when to budget your time and money and reach your target market with more skill as you learn from your plan and analyze it. 
  4. Making a plan to watch your competitors is always a good idea, though often your strategies will not be in alignment, you might get some good ideas on what to do and what NOT to do. 
  5. With the internet, online marketing can be a real challenge until you know where your target is hanging out, or you have really captured their 
  6. This is a great place to really look at your strength and weaknesses in your marketing. Be brutally honest with yourself and make sure you do survey and ask strangers for feedback so you are getting good solid data to go on. 
  7. Your marketing plan will assist you to keep honing your aim to be more function with your marketing and be able to run a lean budget with a better return on your marketing dollar and time. 
  8. Ther are endless strategies out there from web funnels, life webinars, email drops, membership sites, all sorts of things. Getting over whelmed is easy.  Pick your top three, give them a go and if they don’t work right now put them in the “ marketing parking lot” for later use or revival if you see an amazing idea you love, park it until you have time to give it a good review before implementing.  Don’t start something new every week. Make sure you are have really put your plan into place, built a strong system and fully implemented an entire strategy before you give up on it and retire it.   To get the one page business plan download it at The Entrepreneur Collective