Why have a Social Media Policy?

Can you spot a company that doesn’t have a social media policy?

When you are building any team, it is pertinent to include employees, community partners, and customers, as part of your process.  As many of us have seen, the harm that can come to a business, and even to uneducated employees when a strong, straightforward policy is not put in place. It can take time and money and sometimes heartache to fix. Having a platform to create open discussions, a marketing plan to implement new ideas and tech for your how your brand should be interacting with the public, what platforms can be used can be key to team success.  As there are new platforms that employees may want to use to your benefit, it is good to also have a way for them to keep YOU up to speed, be on the cutting edge and decide it is a good fit for your business.  When staff know they can talk to you and show you new technology, you can make an educated team decision, instead of a) missing out on a great new platform or b) fixing poor communication of your brand online.

A strong policy can let people know exactly what they can do, which means they can be proactive, lets them take better care of clients, understand how much privacy is required, and set boundaries as to when they need management to intercede. It is also great to celebrate successes if a campaign or platform brought in a really strong lead or sale. Outlining responsibilities, timelines, posting calendars, and boundaries before a staff member gets online is just good business these days.  Posting photos from the shop floor, bathroom, bookkeeper’s desk, in company gear may or may not go over well, and young staff, or inexperienced staff, just need to know what the boundaries are. Some companies, don’t need much in the way of boundaries, casual can be cool in some markets, and deadly in others. Your staff just need be aware consequences or accolades, which will save you time and money in this new paradigm, where privacy seems to have very thin walls.

Inside our private members site we have online training and a basic social media policy you can fill in:

  • It will assist in creating a set of guidelines for contractors, staff and owners.
  • It will make sure that everyone understands their legal responsibilities to the clients your business cares for.
  • It will build your staff into part of your marketing plan, letting them know how and when they can show pride, where they can offer suggestions, and share new ideas to the team.
  • Having this document as part of your marketing plan will make sure that you keep it up to date with, new technology and new staff. (If you need to go over your marketing plan or build one please contact us)

Get your free social media policy template after you join our site.

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