For nearly the entire year of 2016 Angela and I were part of many different networking groups, we showed up on time, we connected, we followed up, we came from great distances to support others.. and we were not always getting the desired results! There are some amazing leaders and groups, doing good work out there, BUT! ( yeah that BUT) Some of us join groups for different reasons, support in our business, to get out of our comfort zone, to find new clients, and build solid relationships and trust because we see these people every week. Often people fade away, or just show up to shove a business card in your hand, or hound you relentlessly to sign up for their next MLM. It was time to build a platform of my own with some sort of contrast from the entrepreurial focus as I know that when we work on personal leadership, we can find success in our business lives. We created something that won’t matter what business we are in, who we work for, or with, we CAN support each other.

After a year and getting to know each other, we decided to futher The Ladies Meeting, which started in Abbotsford, when my kids were still in high school. I was working full time, had just graduated from university after 7 years of mulitasking mayhem.. and I build a band of beautiful women around me. We met for coffee and just shared friendship more than anything. We shared and still do, those things that just used to get shared in the church basement – not on Facebook.

Just last month a bunch of them came with me to take my mom out to the movies while my dad is hospital. It was awesome to have this support from such long time friends.

The Ladies Meeting – Joey on Burrard, Photo credit photographer Angela McConnell

As my kids have grown up and moved out, I started Fika Friday in Vancouver so it would be a mixed group and the end result is a wonderful group of women who meet in Vancouver, from all over the lower mainland once a month at Joey on Burrard. 5 of us met at The Socalight Conference over the past few years as well – so we have a really amazing network of people with a vision to add value to others and assist in their success. We talk, we share ideas, and support each other and our communities. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to join us! It is a place all women are welcome, corporate, retired, students and moms.

All we ask you to share with us something you “Can” do , something you ” Have” for example it might be something you are thankful for, or to share with others, & something you ” Want” Why wait to do a dream board, when you can speak your truth? As women, so ofter we do not voice our dreams, share with other what we really want in our soul, and this is a venue to share that, and we can help you achieve it as we are in this for the long haul.

This Christmas we donated to The Basket Brigade to help out some local families. The Ladies Meeting is going strong and if you are interested in coming out just join us on our Meetup group to RSVP for the next one! It is a great way to work on your personal and business leadership skills. We also mail out goals setting tools to offices and homes so that you do take time to write down those goals!

Currently, my big move has been to Whistler, and Angela lives in Squamish so we love our lunch in Vancouver on the last Tuesday of the month, and will be starting a co-ed group in March, closer to home in Squamish. So!!! If you are a guy!! We are also starting WORK EAT PLAY in March which will be a little more of a traditional type networking group except we are going to get out, hike, bike, snowshoe, ski and APRE!!

( Currently looking for a beer sponsor! ) We all have different mediums to communicate that we favor, so if you are a Facebooker join us in The Sea to Sky Country Club for updates on all events, sponsors, pod cast and would like to share your personal or business leadership skills with the group. We have our first business coach booked to speak at our inaugural event in March. Click for the rest of the article and to sign up for announcements on

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You can click on the image below to get to The Meetup Group and you will get an update to our next events or check out our front page to sign up for updates.

Eat Work Play Co-Ed Networking Group

Join us this spring in Squamish to build community and have fun.

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