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Published in Business in Vancouver this week published on March 9, 2016

Peer to peer: Video has become a vital marketing tool To read articles by Anthony Taylor – Principal, SME Strategy, Julia Vorontsova – Founder, Kakadu Media and Anyssa Carruthers – Founder of The Communication Studio please view –  Thank you for reading my post from The Communication Studio. If you would like to read my future posts then please[…]



For nearly the entire year of 2016 Angela and I were part of many different networking groups, we showed up on time, we connected, we followed up, we came from great distances to support others.. and we were not always getting the desired results! There are some amazing leaders and groups, doing good work out there,[…]

Hands on Social Media Training Logo

Pacific Community Resource Society Surrey Social Media Class Sign in

This post and link have expired: Please contact us for the next intake:   Thank you for joining the Pacific Community Resource Society Social Media Class Sign in. If you want to go through and listen to the first class and send post any questions to cover in class please like an post them to[…]

What are you looking at? What should it cost?

Not sure what is a fair price to pay when it comes to social media management?

Cost to Engage So many companies and organisations are looking to hire social media in house or outsource, and there are so many levels of experience and engagement to choose from. It can be a huge challenge for management.  We  have seen companies pay huge bills for social and get no value, have no plan,[…]


What should you post on Remembrance Day in Canada

This is for Online Community Managers and Social Media Managers: Remembrance day in the past 15 years has changed from not just veterans and school kids around memorials unconnected across our vast land, but a conversation flowing from sea to sea between all age groups, levels of government and outside our country as well. With social media allowing us[…]

woodcarving The Studio C

3 Reasons to take a night school class if you are self employed

This past weekend I took a #WoodCarving class with 81 year old Noel Poole.  Local bloggers were invited by Jennifer Madigan M.Ed, the program coordinator-Langara CS at VSB. The program was offering a bunch of teaser courses called Night School in a Day for just $25 and 2 hours of your time. I have been wanting to[…]

Float Sense Burnaby Float Friday

5 Reasons you should go float for your business.

Last week I was invited to go and experience the service provided at Float Sense in Burnaby, BC.  Since moving to the greater Vancouver area, I have seen many of the sensory deprivation tanks pop up and had started to do my research.  Being a person who has just moved to a new town, moved[…]

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