Not sure what is a fair price to pay when it comes to social media management?

What are you looking at? What should it cost?

What are you looking at? What should it cost?

Cost to Engage

So many companies and organisations are looking to hire social media in house or outsource, and there are so many levels of experience and engagement to choose from. It can be a huge challenge for management.  We  have seen companies pay huge bills for social and get no value, have no plan, no schedule after having hired someone. Often they have no proper marketing training, experience with ad spends or budgets, customer service savvy or skills.  There are so many reasons it varies and so many reasons the costs should vary.  So we have put together some items to review and consider as you go through the decision making process. If at the end you have further questions you can book a meeting with Anyssa as well and she will assist with the decision making process. Just book at time in her calendar here.

Considering Your Audience:

1) Are you looking to just stay engaged with current clients? Do you just need to build a tighter bond  to ensure referrals?  This shouldn’t be expensive as you probably have a receptionist who with some training (Free beginners training for social media here) can really assist you to grow your business in person and online in a really meaningful way.

2) Do you need to get connected to your whole town, province, state? Decide what kind of reach you will be focusing when you are building your plan. Much like a cold call, you need to find ways to educate them and show them you are someone they can build trust, and community with. That takes more time, possibly some ads on Twitter or Facebook and more of a hunt, educate and retrieve approach. That is much more intensive, requiring  a Social Media Director, a social media calendar and be part of your marketing budget.

One of the traits to look for in a social media director is curiosity. They will be a person  who is intensely curious, good with interacting online, knows about more than just your business, they know who your competitors are and how they are building their brand.

3) If you are targeting a global market, you need a global approach. You will need more of a budget to advertise. You will need to be responsive, watching for when you are mentioned, to build a brand that can reach further than your competitors and show customers they can buy now and get good service. They need trust you will follow up and will receive value for what they are spending. Your social media director and marketing team should be looking for opportunities to get testimonials and share them with current and potential clients and leads.

You, your staff and your clients:

Our social media management team can help you find where to start, and partner with you to make the best business decisions to sell your company to your customers and staff to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

1) There are many types of businesses, some of which have massive concerns with privacy, storage of emails, yet still need to build a large pool of trust with clients, staff and service providers. Talk to your staff, it is worth taking time to find out what their ideas are and make sure they feel included in the process and understand the company’s social media policy (click for free template)  and have some input when it is created. Having everyone onboard is key to success and often can really go a long way when you need a strong team.

2) Some businesses have no time to do any marketing as they are totally consumed and needed by their clients on a day to day basis and need complete care, content creation, research for blogs written and plans made. Once trust and care has been established, a social media marketing team can grow the business’ influence to new clients, while owners can be 100 percent focused on caring for current clients.

3) Many business owners and staff already have some knowledge of  groundwork for marketing and social media. They are gifted at building amazing customer relations and just need direction on how to keep them coming back year after year with building out their customer lifecycle plan and coaching to implement it. A monthly coaching and team meeting maybe just the right approach to make sure you and your staff on the same track, building the brand you want, in the way you want.

So we know that one price does not fit all, but there is a rare business that will not grow and move forward with marketing through good planning and you just have to figure out how to right size your budget for the growth you want.

Dream it – Build it – Live it, that’s what we do best at  The Communication Studio and we can help apply that same philosophy to your business to make it successful and totally connected to your best clients.

So, how much should you pay for your social media services?

It is hard to compare, but looking at who your target audience is, how much work has to be done between where you are now and where you want to go, can start the process. Building a strong marketing plan, using a content calendar to deliver your plan and review processes to check successes and failures are crucial. The easiest answer is to say, if you make a sale, does it cover your cost? In many cases, product sales, or just look at the one “click attibution” doesn’t tell you what you had to spend to make that sale. did they get an email first, see a tweet, read a review, do price comparison, have offline influences and so many other factors.. it is a week way to figure out your R.O.I. 

In doing a comparative analysis of services, we have seen very diverse price points, and worked hard to create detailed strategies with a cost that will fit in your marketing budget. With being in business for over nine years, our client base has ranged from small shops, orthodontist office, laser eye surgeons, large storefronts, with large staff,  to corporate enterprises with robust organizations.  Our growth approach to social media marketing has something for everyone, ranging from the Seed package for small business, to a Speed package for those that have not planned their marketing strategy yet or have purchased a company without one.  You need look at how you will break down your budget for work done outside the business or for training, or staff that have certain in-house skills.  If you are able to utilize any of the government grants and training please talk to us as  we can sometimes access some funding for companies with five or more employees.

We have started our packages on the low end as Anyssa loves getting a new business off the ground,  with packages starting as low as $1350/month CDN  for small business with a small target audience, to packages for brands who want to become influencers in their fields. The Communication Studio can grow with you, as you grow your business, with different packages and targets, as one size does not fit all.

We are here to help you tell your story, by assisting you to reach and influence your clients. You need to let them get to know you, like your approach, educate them and build trust. Research has found this will assist your customers become long term customers. If you We hope you find a social media director that allows you to focus on what you do best, while we work at creating well educated, loyal clients for you with shorter sales process and  a greater lifetime value.  

If you are tired of looking and would like to find out what it is like to work with us please check out Anyssa’s Linkedin Profile and her reviews. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive over the  years of training and serving all sizes of businesses through training, coaching and service.




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