July 22, 2016


Some Instagram Tips and Tricks
How to search your Instagram History

How to make Instagram Your PR Hub

We will have a basic Instagram course available soon as well we already have free Linkedin Polish Your Profile training and interviews available in our membership site! All the Basics of Hands on Social Media are Free. Don’t forget to download your Social Media Policy for your business as well! 

Check out our past posts to Instagram – It has been a fun journey to use to tell my story as a mom, becoming a grandmother, an empty nester, keeping my business going through all these changes, teaching, learning, growing, moving to the city, exploring Vancouver’s Downtown East Side and learning to remember how much I love photography, how it can tell a story without word… If you go through my past Instragram posts you will find many of my favorite images are of things that are not timeless. They will not last, graffiti that will be painted over, the windows that were dirty, then were cleaned, posters stuck to walls, then I have gone back and watched them age.. I love how things rarely stay the same, how the city decays and then grows something back, and the cycle repeats. Thanks for following in my journey. My own hashtag is #TheStudioC and my favorite hashtag to follow is probably #CabinPorn and #BarristaLife followed by #ExploreBC and #WhistlerUnfiltered.


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