What should you post on Remembrance Day in Canada

This is for Online Community Managers and Social Media Managers: Remembrance day in the past 15 years has changed from not just veterans and school kids around memorials unconnected across our vast land, but a conversation flowing from sea to sea between all age groups, levels of government and outside our country as well. With social media allowing us[…]

3 Reasons to take a night school class if you are self employed

This past weekend I took a #WoodCarving class with 81 year old Noel Poole.  Local bloggers were invited by Jennifer Madigan M.Ed, the program coordinator-Langara CS at VSB. The program was offering a bunch of teaser courses called Night School in a Day for just $25 and 2 hours of your time. I have been wanting to[…]

5 Reasons you should go float for your business.

Last week I was invited to go and experience the service provided at Float Sense in Burnaby, BC.  Since moving to the greater Vancouver area, I have seen many of the sensory deprivation tanks pop up and had started to do my research.  Being a person who has just moved to a new town, moved[…]

Key Note: The Business & Professional Women’s Club of Mission – 2014-12-10

2014-12-10 | Event | BPW Networking for Success | Anyssa Carruthers The Business & Professional Women’s Club of Mission is planning a special event, “Networking for Success,” on the evening of Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at the Mission Best Western. All women who own their own businesses, work for a corporation, or work/volunteer for a[…]

Inbound Marketing Presentation by Anyssa Carruthers

Power point pcl inbound-marketing-presentation-a3 (1) from Anyssa Carruthers Transcript of “Power point pcl inbound-marketing-presentation-a3 (1)” 1. Marketing used to be simple. 2. A little too simple• Marketing and sales were mostly PUSH• Almost no sales and marketing data• Very few tools or systems• Physical collateral and packaging were expensive 3. It was easier to see[…]